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Clutches & Gearboxes


If your car transmission is causing problems, Motor Inn can help. If it is a slipping or worn clutch, problems changing

or selecting gears, or trouble with an automatic gearbox not making gear changes as it should, give us a call.

Every manual car or van has a clutch, which will eventually wear. One easy way to tell if your clutch is worn and beginning

to slip, is to accelerate up an incline. If your engine note rises, but you are not going any faster, then it is highly likely

your clutch is slipping, and needs to be changed - so pay us a visit right away!


We offer a same day service for fitting replacement clutches, with our

trained technicians using recommended replacement parts from

leading brands including Borg & Beck, LUK and Valeo - and all our

workmanship is covered by a 12 month guarantee. There's no

recommended replacement time for a clutch, as the extent to which

it wears is entirely down to the way in which your vehicle is driven,

and the type of trips it makes. So, if you think your clutch is

beginning to wear, or starting to make strange noises, then drop in

to see us and we will advise.


Manual Drivetrain

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Some gearbox problems can be easily solved by making adjustments

to the gear selection mechanisms, while others may require more

major replacement of components. At Motor Inn, we will inspect

and advise you of the options open to you.

Auto Transmission

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Don't take any chances with your brakes - if they're not stopping your car the way you think they should, call Motor Inn right

away! And if you have a brake warning light, ensure you get your system checked out - early action can prevent expensive

additional wear and costs later.

With our comprehensively equipped workshops and trained technicians, we are able to analyse your car's braking performance

and advise on any remedial work. That could be straightforward servicing items, such as replacement brake pads or brake

shoes, or replacement brake discs or drums. We also carry out the replacement of brake fluid, which should be changed on a

regular basis to maintain braking performance.

We never compromise on safety, and only fit top quality parts from brands including AP Lockheed, Ferodo, Girling and Mintex.


Braking System

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Is your exhaust noisier than it should be? Time to pay Motor Inn a visit, we'll have it fixed in no time.

Motor Inn keeps a wide range of exhausts for all makes of car, fitting top quality brands including Bosal and Timax. We offer

an unlimited mileage guarantee on exhausts fitted by our qualified technicians. Drop in for while you wait service, or call us

on 020 8423 0500 to book an appointment.

And should your vehicle be something out of the ordinary, we will custom manufacture an exhaust system to suit your needs.


Exhaust System

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Today's cars need a healthy battery to ensure all their electronic and security systems work correctly. All batteries

lose performance over time, but often it is the first cold morning of the autumn, when there is insufficient power to start

your engine, that you know yours needs replacing!

Motor Inn keeps a wide range of batteries in stock, from major brands including Varta and Exide, in both regular and

heavy duty, with guarantees from two to five years, depending on your vehicle's requirements.

Why not drop in before winter starts, and we'll carry out a battery health check for you?

And, if you live locally and your battery fails, call us and our mobile service can come out to you, and fit a new battery to

your vehicle free of charge.

Flat battery or a starting problem? Call us now on 020 8423 0500.


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