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November 2011



With the east coast of America already experiencing wintery weather many are predicting that the UK will soon feel the

winter chill.

Winter Tyres have been widely used throughout mainland Europe and Scandinavia for many decades.

With the UK having experienced more severe weather over the last few years perhaps we should do the same.


● Winter Tyres are specifically designed to work better when the temperature drops below 7 degrees centigrade, however they

   are not specific snow and ice tyres.

● At low temperatures their special design and specific rubber compounds will give a car more grip and improved braking

   performance when compared to an all-round or all-season tyre.

● Winter Tyres will in some cases be a straight replacement for the tyres fitted for the other three seasons BUT in some cases

   the recommended Winter Tyre will be designed to work best with a particular wheel size.

For more than 20 years we at Motor-Inn have been supplying Winter Tyres to vehicles which have to be driven in the UK and

to Europe when Winter arrives. Because we do this for both fleet and individual vehicles we hold stocks of Winter Tyres here

in our warehouse. We have all of the equipment necessary to change any Summer to Winter tyre up to 24 inch diameter and

can even store spare wheels or tyres within our warehouse until next spring if you don't have space at home.

If you would like any advice about Winter Tyres call in and see us or PHONE 020 8423 0500. Ask for MARC or ANTHONY they

will be pleased to help.

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