Does your vehicle need an MOT test? Call us now to book yours on 020 8423 0500.

Motor Inn provides MOT testing for cars, vans and motor homes covering class 4 and class 7 vehicles.

At Motor Inn, arranging your MOT test could not be easier:

  • book an appointment in advance to be sure the test is carried out when most convenient for you
  • we offer a local collection and return service - just ask!
  • you can arrange your next MOT test up to one month before the current certificate expires

Once your vehicle is three years old, you have a legal obligation to have it tested once a year to ensure it meets minimum safety requirements. If the police stop your vehicle, you must be able to produce a valid MOT certificate, if requested.

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test can only be conducted by approved testing stations. Trained technicians use a range of sophisticated analytical equipment and a rolling road to test your vehicle's brakes, suspension, tyres, safety equipment and engine emissions, providing a detailed report on its compliance with government standards.

Why not ask Motor Inn to service your car at the same time as arranging the MOT test? That way, we can ensure any items that need attention are fixed, before we conduct the test - saving you time and trouble.

Our MOT price promise

At the Motor Inn, you only pay once! If your car fails the MOT test, we will automatically retest your vehicle free of charge, once the defects highlighted have been put right.

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Servicing and Repairs

Cars, vans and fleet services made simple. Just give us a call to book your car for a service at any time.... or if you require an urgent repair - same day we can help.

Our aim is to service your vehicle to main dealer standards using only approved manufacturers parts and oils to protect your vehicle warranty. Choose the service you require by calling us with your vehicle make, model and mileage and one of our service advisors will help.

Our team will call you on inspection of your vehicle to let you know of any problems you may have. No additional work will be carried out by us without that call and your approval.

Our service advisors will do their best to deal with your service, MOT or any other repair as promptly and as competitively as possible.

At Motor Inn all our team are trained using the latest diagnostic equipment for your vehicle and we can reset all service lights, fault codes and engine management warning lights using the latest software on the market.

Call us now on 020 8423 0500. We're here to help.


Many engines today have a cambelt, a vital component that connects many moving parts of your engine. In normal use, the cambelt is perfectly reliable, but if it is neglected, a cambelt will break, causing catastrophic, expensive engine failure - and leaving you stranded where it happens. Often, damage is so severe that the repair involves the major expense of fitting a complete new engine.

The good news is that this need never happen! Simply ensure your cambelt is replaced according to the advice provided by your vehicle manufacturer, and all will be well.

At Motor Inn, we have access to the latest data so we can advise you when your cambelt is due for replacement. Our highly trained team will only replace your belt with manufacturer's approved parts, providing you with the reassurance of a full manufacturer's warranty.

Book your car in, and we can complete a cambelt change within a day. We can also service your car during the same visit, saving you time and trouble.

Are you considering buying a second hand car? If so, call us with the vehicle details, and we can advise you whether the vehicle has a cambelt, when it needs replacing, and the likely cost for the job - you may buy better.

Engine Management
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Warning Lights

Lights on!

If a warning light comes on in your car, don't ignore it - act now, to avoid a large bill later!

Your vehicle will have a variety of warning lights, designed to alert you to a range of possible problems with your vehicle, from a faulty light bulb or low washer fluid, to potentially more serious brake or engine problems.

Your car handbook should explain the basics, but if you have any concerns at all, drop in to Motor Inn right away, or call us now on 020 8423 0500.

Our fully trained technicians work with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment covering all makes of car, which can be plugged into your vehicle's system to analyse why a warning light has come on. Should it be a minor matter, we may be able to fix it right there and then, to get you on your way. If the light is warning of potentially more serious problems, we will advise you of the best solution to the problem.

Motor Inn also offers a local call-out service, so if you are nearby and worried about driving your car with a warning light blinking at you, call us on 020 8423 0500 and we'll come to you!

Vans & Motor Homes

No matter how large your van or motorhome, at Motor Inn we have the facilities to handle your vehicle. Our spacious workshop and plentiful parking space means we can accommodate the largest vans - even those with large volume and Luton bodies - and we can service large motorhomes, and repair American style motorhomes and RV's.

Our 5 tonne hydraulic lift has the capacity to lift most motorhome's or large vans, while we also carry out MOT testing of class 7 vehicles, up to 5 tonnes net weight.

If you're planning a long trip in your motorhome, why not book it in for a service and complete check over, before you leave, to ensure your motorhome holiday runs without a hitch?